Welcome to Let Me Be Free, a travel and lifestyle blog.

Let me be free by Xavier Rudd is our family song. We are often on road trips with our two small children, when they are fed up with being in the car and food or toys will not calm them down we simply play Let me be free and there is silence. It has this soothing effect and it has become our travel anthem.

I am Anne, for many years I travelled around the world on a working holiday and did various jobs such as a nanny, receptionist at a hotel, barmaid and swimming instructor at a summer camp. When I returned to Australia I worked in the travel industry, negotiated hotel rates in Asia and wrote travel brochures. I was wined and dined, stayed in fancy hotels, given complimentary spa treatments and other perks (sounds much more glamorous than it was).

Now a stay at home mum I am exploring more of Australia with my partner Dixie and our two children JJ and Master B. I am also a qualified personal trainer and enjoy keeping fit.


I write about travel and camping in order to help others have the confidence to see the world or their own backyard. I do this because I believe it is important to spend time as a family, get away from modern technology and play in nature.


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I have just found your blog while googling info for our next camping spot, Lake Towerrinning. I live where you and Dixie met, Scarborough, WA.


  2. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for visiting my blog… its so nice to see another Aussie traveler. I look forward to seeing much more of our beautiful country through your blog! I love your sense of adventure and free spirit and I think this will make for some very happy and content kids. I hope to be the same one day…
    Kind regards,


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