Bloomin’ Western Australia

Carnamah Wildflowers

When I think about spring as a child it brings back memories of picnics in the bush, cooking on an open fire and searching for native orchids and other wildflowers. I grew up in a small wheatbelt town which is know as wildflower country.

I must confess that I am a terrible gardener, plants don’t seem to live long around here! So what amazes me about wildflowers is that they can grow in such arid conditions. A small crack in a granite rock and there you will find the most stunning orchid. Or in the dry hard red dirt there will be bursts of colour from wildflowers in full bloom.

How can they grow in such tough conditions when I can love and nurture a plant and it still dies!

Last year Western Australia had one of the best wildflower season we have ever seen and the colours were so vivid that they could been seen from space!

Geraldton Wax.jpg

Western Australia has the largest wildflower collection in the world. There are more than 12,000 species, over 60% can only be found right here in Western Australia! The landscape has pops of colour from the coast to the outback.

Wildflower season begins in June in the north of the State. Perth nature reserves flower in September and the wildflower season finishes in the states south in October/November.

I am not going to pretend to be a wildflower expert, with so many varieties there is no way I can know all the names of the flowers. My photography of wildflowers is also pretty woeful. Looks like I need to set myself a goal and improve my photography of wildflowers!

I have put together a bit of a collage of some of the wildflowers I have seen when we have been out on our adventures. Enjoy!

White and Yellow Wildflowers

Yellow Wildflowers

Pink Wildflowers

Pink Wildflowers

Blue and Purple Wildflowers

Purple Wildflowers

Red Wildflowers

Red Wildflowers

Do you like to look for wildflowers? Do you have any photography tips?

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38 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Western Australia

  1. Gorgeous. I love wildflowers (and tulips). At the moment there’s a florist in town making these gorgeous (but expensive) bunches with proteas and other wildflowers and they’re just beautiful.#teamlovinlife


  2. We lived on a 2 acre block in the Southwest of WA for 20+ years and wildflower season was always my favourite. The flowers are often so tiny and such a surprise to see popping up all over the place in Spring.


  3. You are so blessed with wildflowers in WA. When we were on our trip around Australia we were a little early for wildflower season. We did see some Stuart Desert Peas though. Your photos are great. The trick is to get up as close as you can to them with your camera. #TeamLovinLife


  4. Thank you for all these beautiful wildflower photos today, Anne. The only flowers I tend to see are in bunches at the shops or introduced species on my walks around my neighbourhood. I had forgotten the beauty of our own flora.

    SSG xxx


  5. I remember being in Perth for work one year during wildflower season & I’ll never forget how beautiful it was. Your photos are truly lovely #teamlovinlife


  6. WOW and WOW. I remember mum and dad visiting those wildflowers many years ago and it has always been something I would like to see. One day, maybe!! Thanks for linking up for LifeThisWeek 41/52. Next week: Travel Tales.


  7. What a gorgeous collection!! Thank you for sharing. What are you using to take your photos? You’re doing a pretty good job already 👍🏼


      • Cool. Upgrading to a DSLR is daunting! You may already be using it but switching to macro mode on your point and shoot will let you get close to the subject and blur your background nicely. With your DSLR you want to shoot with a shallow depth of field (aka blurring the background) and you do this by using a larger aperture (a small f-stop number like 2.8). Your lens will make a big difference too. If you have any specific questions feel free to shoot me an email! Have fun adventuring and snapping!


  8. Great post Anne, you are so right we had an incredible wildflower season last year and I was hoping to get out and see some of them this year and didn’t, so thank you for sharing their beauty.


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