10 on 10 Project

Recently I completed a photo essay course at university and I want to keep practicing my photography. So on the 10th of each month I will share 10 photos. The photos have been taken by myself or my partner and it is a snippet of what we have been up to over the summer in Western Australia.

It is about finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day!

Stand up paddle.JPG

I have been wanting to try SUP for some time now, finally we hired a board on the river at Point Walter and gave it a shot. I was a little unsteady to start with but pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use a Stand Up Paddle Board. An advantage of being up so high is that you get to look down at the marine life.


After seeing the marine life from up high it was time to get a little closer. Mettam’s pool has a limestone reef located just a few meters off the beach. A few kicks of the fins and you are out on the reef admiring a good range of fish species.


More time out on the water this time taking a river cruise and enjoying child free time!! The cruise took is some beautiful views including Perth City and the new Elizabeth Quay.

Velvet Acorn Crown.JPG

Back on dry land and I have been doing some knitting and made this crown by Velvet Acorn Designs.


We got a little taste of the Cape to Cape track which is 135 kilometres long and goes between the lighthouses of Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin. Now we have set ourselves a challenge to do the hike.


Marveled at the shear size of the Karri Trees at the Boranup Forest.


Listened to the children giggle as they ran through the Boranup Forest Maze looking to find their way to the middle. The maze is 100% organic and no chemicals are used.


Watched the sting rays at Hamelin Bay as they glide close to the shore.  One of the best spots to view these large magnificent creatures in the wild.

That is what we got up to over the summer. What about you? Did you have any adventures?

I have joined some other bloggers in a photo circle.  On the 10th of every month, I share 10 of my favourite photos taken in the month.  I have linked with  Cathy from Peregrination Gourmande who is a member of the photo circle. Please pop over and check out her pictures.

35 thoughts on “10 on 10 Project

  1. That looks like a blast! We’ve got a local place the rents SUP on our relatively calm back bay lake. I want to try it, but we’re a little chilly right now 😉 Maybe this summer. That crown you made is adorable!

    What a great set of photos! Thanks for joining in on our circle!


  2. Yes these are definitely 10 beautiful things. I think it is easy once you get out into the great outdoors to find beauty. I never leave home without my iPhone camera. 🙂 #TeamLovinLife


  3. Those are great photo’s Anne! Looks like you’ve had a fabulous summer. I have always wanted to try SUPing but haven’t yet. I look forward to seeing your next 10 photo’s! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife


  4. Gorgeous photographs. I attempted to SUP years ago but couldn’t stand up. It was more a mobility thing and weight issue than anything. I wouldn’t mind trying now that my tummy wouldn’t get in the way when I crouch etc…

    And I love pic of the tree at Boranup Forest… the colour of the sky is just magical. #teamlovinlife


  5. Great pics, they make me want to get out and about a bit more. The one with the stingray in particular is amazing, although I don’t think I’d be brave enough to get that close!


  6. Great photos! I love the idea of the 10 photos on the 10th day of the month challenge!
    I’ve never tried paddle boarding – it looks too tricky to me. Is it fun/hard? I have to say, the photo of the kids holding hands through the Boranup Forest Maze is my favourite!


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