Add a touch of Nature to your Playdough

Add a touch of nature to your playdough.jpg

The bush had been calling me. Sick of being stuck in the suburbs, stuck inside our four walls as the kids have been sick. I needed to get out and get in touch with nature. I didn’t want the kids complaining about it being too far to walk, I am hungry and everything else that goes along with it. So I came up with a plan to make it fun for them.

Nature Play 047.JPG

We were off on an adventure, the kids with their buckets in hand, looking for treasures! Finding anything special on the ground to put into their bucket. JJ was on a mission to find a Banksia and a stick, not any old stick it had the be the right length and shape!!

Nature Play 039.JPG

Nature Play 042.JPG

It was nice to stroll along the paths in the bush just listening to the birds, with no one else around. Once the kids buckets were full we headed back to the car so we could continue on with our plan.

Nature Play 034.JPG

Nature Play 050.JPG

At home we made playdough using a simple no cook recipe I found here. The kids used all the things they had collected to make patterns, shapes and pictures in their playdough. JJ especially loves sensory play and I notice she is much calmer when she is doing these activities. If you want to know about the benefits of sensory play you can find out about it here.

The morning proved to be a win win, I got my outdoor, nature fix and the children got to do a fun activity. Everyone is happy!

Do you incorporate and activity you want to do with something your children will find enjoyable?

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17 thoughts on “Add a touch of Nature to your Playdough

  1. Great idea. Ny daughter is so much calmer when she’s outdoors in nature. We love collecting things from the bush and will incorporatethem into out next playdough session.


  2. I love this – and will definitely try it! My little one doesn’t come hiking with me much (I can’t deal with the complaining!), but I love this no stress way of getting them outside. With a purpose I know he’d love it


  3. My daughter used to love sticking things into play dough (like an entire box of craft match sticks…). It’s definitely a thing! I wish I’d thought of incorporating a bush walk into this activity – great thinking!


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