Camping at The Sanctuary, Bridgetown

Having no easter accommodation booked and not wanting to risk missing out on a free camping spot we decided to camp on a private property. Having never been to Bridgetown or the Blackwood River we were excited to find The Sancturary.


The Sanctuary is located 10 kilometers out of Bridgetown, set on 300 acres and adjoins a forest. Driving into the property there is spectacular views of the valley.

The Sanctuary

Bridgetown 116.JPG

We set up our camper trailer on the edge of the bush. It is a very peaceful place with the sun glistening through the trees and all you can hear is the wind in the trees. That was until our children started screaming!

Bridgetown 175.JPG

Be woken to the sound of the Australian bush with magpies and kookaburras singing their tune. In the early morning we also spotted some kangaroos feeding on the grass near our tent.

The sites are far apart so you are not on top of your neighbour. Plenty of space for the little ones to run around and kick a ball.

We took a few bush walks around the property and we felt small against the large trees. The bush is beautiful with lots of grass trees and ferns. Some of the walking paths are steep so you need to take care going down the hill.

Bridgetown 039.JPG


The main house is made from 1960’s railway carriages and the central area between the carriages has been filled in.Bridgetown 043.JPG

The camp kitchen is located near the main house and have all the facilities you need.

The showers are located off the water tank and the water is cold! It would be fine in the summer but not sure how it would go in the colder months.

There is a bush loo available which has a beautiful view over the valley, they only problem is everyone else also have a view of you! With just some shade cloth over as a door it does not leave much to the imagination!

Bridgetown 011

I love getting the kids back to nature, JJ was using her imagination, creating games, making pictures with nature and having a brilliant time. Even with her getting sick and having to make a trip to the hospital she still said she wanted to stay here for ever!

If you are interested in camping on a private property you can find more information here.

** This was not a sponsored post and we paid for our accommodation at The Sanctuary **

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7 thoughts on “Camping at The Sanctuary, Bridgetown

  1. Camping on private properties are a great option these days, especially at peak times when it’s crowded everywhere else. Sounds like you had a great time.


  2. This sounds and looks so lovely.. Oh how I wish we could do it here ..! Your camp trailer looks amazing .. must be fun to do it. Happy camping and keep posting. At least I will read and smell and walk through your posts!


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